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Aerial Monitoring & Surveillance 

Aerial Monitoring & Surveillance

Our drones can provide your team the overview they need to keep things under control, whether you're keeping an eye on a big event or just one person. Our monitoring solutions provide users who are concerned with civil security and public safety.


The issues and constraints with existing security and surveillance methods are optimally addressed by unmanned aircraft systems. Data collection is made simpler, faster, and more affordable by using drone security and surveillance.


In the security and surveillance sector, NineTenths has been utilizing its experience in enabling drone-based technology. We offer the best security and monitoring solutions.


Services we provide

  • Provides specialized airborne security options

  • Enabling improved control and action planning, provides real-time information into security and emergency scenarios.

  • Real-time video output and recording are offered.

  • The capacity to categorize the object

  • Aerial data collection and archiving enables real-time monitoring of security risks and emergency scenarios.

  • A more affordable alternative to helicopters

Industries benefiting

All Security sectors and army

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