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power grid management drone
power grid management

Power Grid Management

Power Line Construction Planning

Map large areas in corridor waypoints to acquire detailed and precise data to optimize power line designs based on accurate geographic coordinates and terrain.

Asset Integrity Management

Conduct frequent , on-demand and standardized inspections to monitor the safety, reliability, and integrity of the power grid; improving efficiency and eliminating risks by accurately identifying defects using radiometric thermal sensors or by measuring the distance between vegetation and power lines to maintain a safe clearance distance.

Power Generation Management

Solar Photovoltaic System Inspection

Gain real-time temperature readings of solar panels using drones equipped with visual and radiometric thermal sensors to immediately identify abnormalities.

Boiler Inspection

Send drones instead of inspection personnel into the boiler for an automated, complete internal inspection without shutting down opertions, while keeping inspectors safe.

Wind Turbine Inspection

Conduct automated flights up and around wind turbines to document their conditions and zoom in to defects for timely repairs.

power generation management

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