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Firemen with drones


Urban Firefighting

Provide immediate aerial visual and thermal intelligence to guide optimal response, protect people by pinpointing their location and assess structural risks.

Wild Firefighting 

Scan vast areas and quickly identify fire lines, assess their threat, and optimize response.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Mission Situational Awareness 

Provide incident commanders with accurate, real-time insight as missions unfold, empowering decisions to be made with confidence.

Collision Reconstruction and Forensics

Rapidly and remotely map, document, and preserve crime scenes, vehicle collisions, and more, while simultaneously keeping operators from harm's way.

Policemen with drone
search and rescue with drones
Incident response

Incident Response

Search and Rescue

Efficiently scan vast areas and pinpoint missing individuals thanks to high-resolution digital and thermal cameras

Disaster Response

Fly over affected areas, document damage to infrastructure and property, and optimize relief efforts

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