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surveying and planning drones

Surveying and Planning

Topographic surveying drones

Topographic Surveying

Map and model large areas quickly with drones to produce data for accurate 2D and 3D models.

Urban Planning

Fly over urban blocks, roads, bridges, rivers as well as many other terrains to capture different types of geographic information using automated flights, reducing costs and cutting fieldwork hours to create 3D models with accurate, geo-referenced data using photogrammetry softwares.

Urban planning drones
Red Staircase

Architecture Engineering

Using drones to create 2D maps and 3D models of work sites in different stages helps engineering teams to visualize designs and optimize planning and execution.

Progress Monitoring and Inspection

Building Inspection and Maintenance

Quickly map and model buildings to digitize the inspection and maintenance process, reducing costs while keeping personnel safe.

Progress Monitoring

Drone solutions, along with image stitching and 3D modeling software help teams stay fully informed on site progress and resource allocation keeping projects on time and on track.

Stockpile Volumetrics

Obtain accurate volume measurements of stockpiles and construction aggregates using 3D models built with aerial images.

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