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Aerial Surveying and Mapping
Aerial surveying and mapping

Aerial Surveying and Mapping

Aerial surveying and mapping services to provide accurate 2D maps and 3D models you can rely on to plan and monitor the execution of your projects in a cost-and-time effective manner.

  • Photogrammetry Missions

  • 3D Visualization

  • 2D Maps

  • Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys

LiDAR Scan Missions
LiDAR scan missions

LiDAR Scan Missions

Aerial surveying using LiDAR technology to create topographic maps and Laser Pointcloud models in superior accuracy.

  • UAV Based LiDAR Scan PointCloud Visualization

  • High-Precision Topographic Mapping

  • 3D Modelling

  • Stockpile and Volumetric Assessment

  • 3D Vegetation Modelling

Aerial Monitoring & Surveillance
Aerial monitoring & surveillance

Aerial Monitoring & Surveillance

Aerial Monitoring & Surveillance keep an eye on your areas of interest by continuously and repetitively monitoring the assets, stockpiles, crops or property perimeter exactly when needed.

  • Construction Site Progress Monitoring

  • Stockpile and Asset Management

  • Perimeter Surveillance

  • Crops Management

  • Aerial Photo/Video Coverage for Outdoor Events

Specialized Aerial Inspections
Specialized aerial inspections

Specialized Aerial Inspections

Up close and specialized industrial aerial inspections to make informed decisions in different kinds of utility structures, infrastructure, power generation, and oil & gas rigs reduces costs, saves time and keeps personnel safe 

  • Power Plants & Power Grid Inspections

  • Oil & Gas Pipes and Tanks Inspections

  • Utility Towers Inspection

  • Bridge Inspections

  • Facade Inspections

  • Methane Gas Leakage Detection

Fleet Management System
Fleet managment system
Fleet managment system
Fleet managment system

Fleet Management System

Command, control and monitor all your drones with a centralized UAV Fleet Management System enabling autonomous and AI driven drone response across a wide range of public and private entities' applications.  

  • UAV Fleet Management and Control System

  • Drone Show Choreography System

  • Remote and Autonomous UAV Operations

  • Incident Response and Report Missions

  • Live Video Streaming 

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