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Fleet Management System


Drone data is only as helpful as the management, processing, and analysis systems you employ. This rule holds true whether you're examining the condition of a crop, a piece of infrastructure, or the internal workings of your aircraft as it flies.

The use of a fleet management platform enables managers of drone programs to track maintenance needs, monitor compliance requirements, automatically record flight records and pilot data, and stay on top of compliance issues.

Flight logs are automatically uploaded to start the procedure. As a result, manual recording processes are no longer necessary, data input errors are greatly decreased, and fleet visibility is immediately available.

Some of the key features are:
•    Tools for automatic and manual flight planning are simple to use
•    During active operations, real-time communication with the pilots.
•    Simple recording and administration of flight logs.
•    Control your entire organization's fleet of aircraft, pilots, and individual flights.
•    Transfer pictures and videos without a hitch to centralize data.
•    Using a single app, control firmware updates and versions.


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