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DJI Zenmuse L2: The new Revolution of Lidar and 3D Data Acquisition

DJI Zenmuse L2

The Zenmuse L2, a dual surveying payload created for LiDAR and photogrammetry applications was just launched by DJI. The L2 offers greater effectiveness, precision, and data quality than its predecessor, the Zenmuse L1. Below are the features of the Zenmuse L2 and how they can enhance drone surveying.

Zenmuse L2 Product Overview:

1. End-to-end Solution:

The Zenmuse L2 is a significant advancement in attaining more accurate, efficient, and dependable 3D data collecting. It is designed for professionals utilizing DJI Matrice 300 RTK or DJI Matrice 350 RTK drones. It becomes a whole solution for high-precision 3D data collection and processing when combined with DJI Terra.

2. Application Fields:

The Zenmuse L2 uses aviation LiDAR technology and offers exceptional hardware performance making it possible for experts in a variety of fields to quickly acquire large-scale 3D data, including surveying, mapping, power line inspection, forestry, and infrastructure management. The Zenmuse L2 greatly decreases fieldwork time when compared to conventional manual measurement techniques, increasing operational effectiveness.

3. Highly Integrated:

The Zenmuse L2 can identify objects up to 250 meters away at 10% reflectivity and 100k Lux and up to 450 meters away at 50% reflectivity and 0k Lux, a 30% increase in detection range over its predecessor. With a normal operating altitude of up to 120 meters, the Zenmuse L2's 3D point cloud model can now satisfy the needs of high-precision ground surveys at a scale of 1:500 with height and plane accuracy of 4 cm and 5 cm, respectively.

4. Product Positioning:

The upgraded freestanding inertial measurement unit (IMU) on the Zenmuse L2 ensures rapid readiness and an enhanced field experience. The Zenmuse L2 can rely on incredibly exact data on drone placement, speed, and attitude by utilizing the drone's RTK positioning technology.

DJI Zenmuse L2: The new Revolution of Lidar and 3D Data Acquisition

The Zenmuse L2's RGB mapping sensor camera features a 4/3-inch CMOS sensor with a mechanical shutter and 3.3-mm pixels, resulting in high-precision photos that enhance the intricacies of colored point clouds and boost the number of maximum effective pixels to 20MP. Further lowering operational expenses, the minimum photo interval has been lowered to 0.7 seconds, and the mapping camera shutter can take up to 200,000 photos.

Two Scanning Modules:

Repetitive & Non-repetitive Scan, Zenmuse L2, DJI, NineTenths

The Zenmuse L2 offers two scanning modes: repetitive, which enables the L2's LiDAR to obtain more uniform and precise point clouds, meeting the needs of high-precision mapping; and non-repetitive, which offers deeper penetration for greater structural information, making it appropriate for power line inspections, forestry surveys, and other scenarios.

DJI Pilot 2 :

Three display modes are supported by the operating software, DJI Pilot 2: RGB, point cloud, and side-by-side point cloud/RGB, which allows for easy result interpretation. The Zenmuse L2 can automatically produce mission quality reports using DJI Pilot 2.

Product Comparison :

DJI Zenmuse L2 Product Comparison


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