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What Are 2D Maps And 3D Models?

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

2D and 3D mapping is the technique for displaying the images. It has become a very important requirement in every field, especially its benefits can be seen in construction fields. 2D is the technique of projecting a flat image on the surface and 3D projects images into three dimensions. In simple words, a 3D model takes the shape of the object. 3D models play a very important part in surveying a location and as well help in evaluating the location accurately. Today technology has progressed a lot and with the help of it work is quite simplified. Same goes with the models as well. Earlier it was quite difficult to analyze the location but with the help of drones and 3D diagram technology work can be done easily.

2D maps and 3D models

How can we create a good 2D and 3D model?

Let us look into the steps of creating a proper model.

  • Choose the right time to fly : It is very important to choose the right time. It is ideal to use a drone when the visibility is clear. There should not be high winds and rain.

  • Choose a proper angle : Choose a proper area and angle where the drone needs to fly to capture a clear image of the location.

  • Choose the location to capture aerial images : While capturing the aerial view one should choose the angles very wisely and make sure that the structure is properly scanned. It's critical to avoid catching the horizon in aerial photographs.

  • Process the imagery : To create high-quality models, imaging processing is a must.

  • Drone & Software Selection : Getting the correct drone modeling software, as well as high-quality drone cameras, is a must.

Drones with high-resolution cameras can assist in the creation of high-resolution, precise 3D and 2D maps and models. One should have proper knowledge of Drone Mapping.

Drone Mapping

The process of converting the site data into 3D models and 2D maps is known as Drone Mapping. Displaying images into 2D and 3D drones with high-resolution cameras play a very important role. Drones help to create high-quality images of the location. Drone mapping is actively used in construction industries. With the help of drones cameras, a detailed scan of the site is conducted which helps to prepare a correct and accurate 3D model. Drone mapping is a very important aspect while doing a survey. The importance of the drone mapping can be explained below:

  • Drone mapping helps to collect the data very quickly. It is considered a safer way of collecting data by scanning the location.

  • Drone mapping has become a critical component of UAS programs. It helps the teams to collect proper data fast, accurately, and most importantly safely. Drone mapping software also plays a very important role in creating high-quality 3D and 2D maps.

What are Drone Mapping Outputs?

The most common but important Drone Mapping procedures are photogrammetry and LiDAR. Photogrammetry is the process of capturing very high-resolution images of the location to recreate the location. With the help of the software, these images are processed and combined to create 2D maps and 3D models.

LiDAR is the process of identifying small objects during drone mapping. LiDAR measures the time of pulses light takes to reflect from the earth's surface.

2D Orthomosaic Maps

2D Orthomosaic map is just a flat representation map of the location. These maps and images provide a realistic approach, allowing quick decision-making and analysis of a project's progress.

3D Point Cloud

The survey region or object is represented digitally in a cloud dataset. It consists of hundreds of points, each of which represents a geometric coordinate. When you put them all together, you get a fully fleshed-out 3D model. The model becomes denser as more points are collected.

Point Cloud helps to provide a lot of information, it helps to observe the depth of the asset, location, and many more.

3D Mesh Maps

3D mesh maps are the expansion of the point cloud. Between the points, little triangles are created, and mapping software develops a texture to build a 3D mesh or model.

Digital Elevation Model

To provide elevating data for surveys Digital Elevation Models are very useful for drone mapping. The Digital Elevation Model comprises Digital Terrain Models and Digital Surface Models. Digital Terrain Models are the representation of the empty earth surface and Digital Surface Models include all surfaces as well as models and equipment.

Drone Mapping is a very important technology and is very popular. Drone mapping has proven its importance from time to time. Drone mapping is mainly used in Real Estate, land surveying, roof inspections, bridge/building surveys, infrastructure maintenance, mining sites, and many more.

Drone Thermal Mapping

Drone thermal mapping plays a very important role in evaluating the assets in the oils and gas refineries industries. It helps to identify the dangerous level of the heat or leakage which can be ignored by human eyes. The thermal mapping process is very important in locating the heat losses, leakage, or any kind of electrical fault.

Multispectral Mapping

The main use of multispectral mapping is in agriculture industries. Multispectral mapping is a boon for farmers; it helps to provide a ton of information. It helps to create vegetable indices to help farmers to understand crop health. Drone mapping helps farmers to evaluate the fertilizer's strategies to increase productivity.

Summing Up

Drone mapping eases the workload as data analysis can be accurately done with the help of it. Drone mapping is the technology that helps to build better 2D and 3D diagrams to analyze the location accurately. Every sector whether it is agriculture or construction has benefited from drone mapping technology.


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