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DJI Matrice 350 RTK – An Improved flagship Drone Platform

Updated: Jul 11

The Matrice 350 RTK, an improved flagship drone platform, sets a new industry standard

with :- 1. Flight Performance that is Effortlessly Powerful 2. Maintain Stability with a New Transmission System 3. Upgraded Battery System 4. New Control Experience

It’s built in tough which operate in various environment with IP55 rating for the aircraft with max flight altitude of 7000m and can operate in -20°C to 50°C temperature.

Enhanced Flight Safety :

To fly with more confidence , Enhanced Flight Safety Features has been in-built in DJI Matrice 350 :

Arm Lock Indicator : To reduce the risk of unlocked arm sleeves, a new arm lock detection function has been included.

Night Vision FPV : During night flight, the night-vision FPV camera clearly displays the surroundings and obstacles.

6-Directional Sensing and Positioning : 6-directional binocular vision and an infrared sensor system provide comprehensive flight protection.

CMS Radar : M350 can identify and avoid tiny impediments in the vertical or horizontal 360° range using the CSM Radar.

Multi-Layered Redundancy Design : The Matrice 350 RTK's aircraft system and sensor system are both redundantly designed to assure flight safety, letting you to operate more confidently in tough operating circumstances.

Maintain Stability with a New Transmission System :

The DJI O3 Enterprise Transmission used by the Matrice 350 RTK enables triple-channel 1080p HD live feeds and a maximum transmission distance of 20 km. Both the airplane and the remote controller include a four-antenna transceiver system that can automatically pick the two ideal antennas to send signals while the four antennas receive signals simultaneously. This considerably improves anti-interference capabilities while also optimizing transmission stability.

Intelligent Operations :

High Precision Mapping : Waypoint, Mapping, Oblique, and Linear Flight missions are all supported by the Matrice 350 RTK. For efficient data collection, Terrain Follow or Smart Oblique might be used. You may immediately obtain HD 2D and 3D digital findings with DJI Terra, enabling high-precision and high-efficiency mapping operations.

Air-to-Ground Coordinates : The Matrice 350 RTK can connect the air, ground, and cloud with features including high-precision PinPoint and cloud-based real-time mapping. Following the completion of image gathering by the aircraft, DJI FlightHub 2 can instantly model the operation location and provide command information to the aircraft and ground operators. Both the remote controller and FlightHub 2 support point, line, and surface sketching, as well as real-time uploading. They can also work together with the aircraft to livestream the real-time operation view, breaking down communication barriers for air-to-ground collaborative operation.

Automated Precision Inspection : The Matrice 350 RTK can generate and store flight route files that may be utilized at any time to achieve automated operation and make recurrent inspection less time-consuming and effort-consuming. The Matrice 350 RTK offers automatic framing and manual topic modification when utilizing AI Spot-Check to increase the accuracy of repeated photography and the quality of inspection operations.

Key Features of M350 RTK :

  • 55-min Max Flight Time

  • IP55 Rating

  • Night Vision FPV Camera

  • 2.7 kg Max Payload

  • DJI O3 Enterprise Transmission

  • Triple 1080p Live Feeds

  • 20 km max transmission range

  • 4 Antenna Design

  • Powerful GNSS & RTK Module

  • Upgraded battery system with 400 charge cycle

  • Hot Swappable battery

  • Arm Lock Indicator

  • 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning

  • Multiple payloads including third party payloads

  • Comes with DJI RC Plus

  • Multiple Mission Flight with High precision Mapping

  • Automated Precision Inspection

M350 boasts flagship-level flight performance, and it outperforms M300 in terms of weatherproofing, satellite signal reception, and transmission technology.


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