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DJI Drone Prices In Saudi Arabia

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Drones have gained a lot of popularity in a very short period. They are very good devices to improve productivity and enhance the project. Drones are a very good time-saving machine that provides accurate data and 3D mapping of the location. Drones come with an expensive price tag. The question is are these machines really worth it? Let’s look into it in detail :

Phantom 3 Drone

Phantom 3 Drone

Phantom 3 drone is a very useful device that carries a very good range and some important tech that are useful in surveying. Even though it has been succeeded by the Phantom 4,

4 Phantom 3 is still a very useful device and is still in demand.

The core design hasn't altered much in Phantom 3 and the Phantom 4 — a testament to the drone's endurance and adaptability even today. DJI has been perfecting the Phantom since 2013, and the core design hasn't altered much since the Phantom 1.

The DJI Phantom 3 has a flight time of 25 minutes (in steady conditions) and it is a very stable drone. Many other drones feature a three-axis gimbal, but few are as steady in the sky as this one. This is also true when flying near to the ground — all Phantom 3 models have exceptional stability and don't appear to be affected by ground effect as much as other drones.

All cameras are excellent, with distortion-free, wide-angle f2.8 lenses that produce high-quality video and stills.

With the proven and established Phantom design and appropriate technology, the Phantom 3 versions still make logical sense in the lowest price brackets.

Price Under $500

In this price bracket, there is only one The Phantom 3 standard. The Phantom 3 drone price of the Standard version is now offered for less than $500! This is a fantastic value for such a competent drone, and it comes highly recommended if you don't require 4K quality and therefore can live within the 3281-foot range.

Price Under $500 To $800

The Phantom 3 drone price of the pro model reigns supreme in this category, offering 4K resolution and 3.1 miles of range at an affordable price. The ability to fly such a long distance while recording 4K video covers the vast majority of use cases.

Phantom 4 Pro

Phantom 4 Pro

Phantom 4 Pro is highly in demand. Phantom 4 Pro is a very useful device for creative engineers. The drone has various sophisticated features, including 360° obstacle avoidance, autonomous flight modes, a smart battery, and DJI's long-range transmission technology.

The major feature is the HD camera, which has a 1-inch CMOS sensor, adjustable aperture, a wide ISO range, and can shoot 20MP photos as well as 4k video footage at 60 frames per second.

DJI has set the bar for drone technology, and the DJI Phantom 4 Pro is no exception.

If you've read any of my previous evaluations, you'll know how much I appreciate DJI's unique and technologically advanced drones. In this Phantom 4 Pro review, you'll learn how they're lifting the bar and why their competition can't keep up.

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro is the sequel to the immensely successful Phantom 4, and despite its age, it is still maintained by DJI, which is not the situation with older Phantom drones.

The Phantom 4 Pro is a big drone with a characteristic curving fuselage and pair of landing legs, similar to its predecessors and most phantom drones.

The aerodynamic body has also increased the drone's flying time, with the Phantom 4 Pro now averaging 30 minutes on a fully charged battery.


There are 2 versions available of DJI drone price of Phantom 4 Pro:

  • Standard Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 is priced at $1599.

  • Phantom 4 Pro+V2.0 with screen priced at $2049.

DJI Mavic 3 Drone

DJI Mavic 3 Drone

The new Hasselblad camera is notable for having a Micro Four Thirds sensor, which will aid in low-light efficiency and overall image quality. The Mavic 3 is simple to operate, compact down to a small size, and creates images that are second to none. The Mavic 3 is an improvement over its predecessor in practically every way.

Increased battery life, superior stability, improved tracking, upgraded accessories, and a genuinely unrivalled image. It's perfect in every way. The Mavic 3 is bigger than the Mavic 2, but it is also lighter.

The bigger, larger sensor in the main camera is one of the most fascinating aspects of the Mavic 3. While 4/3 may appear to be smaller than 1 inch, it is actually much larger. DJI was able to fit a sensor equivalent in size to that found within a Panasonic GH6. If you get close enough, this huge sensor, along with the lens's adjustable aperture, allows you to achieve a sense of depth with your photographs, with considerable background blur.


Marvic 3 is available in three versions:

  • Standard Drone with a controller and battery costs around $2199.

  • Marvic 3 with three batteries, 1 charging hub, set of 4 neutral density filters, set of extra pair of propellers, and with carrying bag is priced at $ 2999.

  • The DJI Marvic 3 Cine Premium Combo supports Apple ProRes 422 HQ video and has 1TB of onboard storage is priced at $4999.

Summing Up

Drones are becoming smarter; instead of simply flying around depending on manual inputs, you can now programme drones to fly pre-programmed routes or even follow certain things like people and automobiles. Whether you're a cameraman, YouTuber, or simply want to have some fun, the best drones let you fly around with ease, shoot stunning images and movies, and not worry about colliding with anything.


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