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Flight Simulator for DJI Training

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

The DJI Flight Simulator is the ideal way to fly your drone without risking damage, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pilot looking to gain some experience with a new product. DJI flight simulators are very good for DJI training.

DJI Training

What Is DJI Flight Simulator?

DJI Flight Simulator is a Windows PC software program that serves as a training tool for pilots, allowing users to use the company's drones to replicate flight experiences in the comfort of their own homes, similar to commercial plane flight simulators.

This program comes in handy in a variety of situations. If you own a drone company and want to train aspiring pilots to fly your new expensive quadcopters, you can use the simulator to have them fly them virtually for a few hours prior to actually putting them on the actual drone.

Drone technology's rapid adoption in a range of work environments has resulted in a scarcity of trained pilots. As a result, the DJI Flight Simulator is an excellent place to begin for beginners who want to learn to fly drones.

Features Of DJI Flight Simulators

DJI's well-known drone simulator was created to teach pilots how to fly in a variety of environments, and its key features reflect that. Let's look at them:

The Three Flight Mode

You can experience the 3 primary fly modes that include in every DJI product, just like the real thing: normal, sport, and ATTI.

Views From Multiple Perspectives

Whether you want to fly your drone in VLOS or FPV, the simulator has you covered with different points of view based on your needs. Changing your perspective is simple, and having so many options brings you closer to the real-life flight you're simulating.

Real Virtual Environment

You may encounter wind and ground effects, as well as realistic simulated crashes, just as you would when flying a real drone.

DJI Training Modules

Select from three training modules (detailed below): skills training, free flight, and application training.

Connectivity Without Interruption

It's simple to configure your controller for use with the simulator, and if you don't have one, you can use your keypad or gamepad as a substitute.

Modules For The DJI Flight Simulator

The provided training modules are possibly the most important aspect of the DJI Flight Simulator. These training scenarios assist pilots in developing the skills required to successfully complete their tasks in the field.

Training modules are classified into four types:

  • Skills Development: This training will teach you the fundamental skills required to fly a DJI aircraft. Within four tests, the module is divided into three levels.

  • Hovering Test: It gives you useful assistance in improving your hovering abilities. The difficulty of this seven-step exam will increase with each level, with a wind effect added to make it more difficult.

  • Fly Track Test: Throughout this training, your control abilities will be put to test as you fly through a predefined course. This section contains eight distinct situations in which you must be using the aircraft to create squares, circles, and rectangles, similar to how most practical certification tests are set up.

  • UTC Pylon Inspection: This course has six levels, all of which are designed to help you get to be an experienced pilot in UTC pylon inspections.

  • DJI Internal Aircraft Skill Test Process: You will draw rectangles and rings with the aircraft in this training, similar to the fly track exercises, but you will also practise takeoff, landings, and hovering.

Different Types Of Virtual Mode

To begin flying in free flight, you must first select an aircraft and then a scenario. Let's take a look at all of the maps in the module.

City Mode: You can fly anywhere in a city. There are five different places to take off.

Island Mode: Enjoy a beautiful island with four take-off points where you can fly drones and take in the scenery.

Mountain Mode: Fly your plane over a breathtaking mountain with stunning scenery.

Forest Mode: If you enjoy green landscapes, this is the place to be because you will be flying drones in a lush forest.


This simulated DJI training program includes classic arcade video game modes like Time Trial and Tunnel Run.

Taking Time Trial: In this mode, you will fly along pre-determined paths, stopping at checkpoints to complete the course. It's all about getting as many points as possible here, so concentrate! This adventure has three levels of difficulty.

Through The Tunnel: Pass through different rings to earn points and time.

The higher your rank, the faster you fly.


This module contains two applications: power line evaluation and searches and rescue.

Power Line Inspection: Students will simulate the evaluation of electrical lines in this exercise.

It is divided into two sections: learning about the pylon and performing inspections.

Search And Rescue: In this programme, you will learn about the practical process of search and rescue drone methods. There is only one scenario in which you must look for and locate a lost male hiker in the woods.

Summing Up

If you intend to fly a drone on a regular basis, it appears that some DJI training is a must. It is very useful training for people who want to use innovation for tasks or commercial ventures, as well as hobbyists and those who want to become aircraft pilots.


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